What to expect from your session - How I work...August 8, 2018

An actor or business person's head shot is their calling card. 

​The opportunity to make a unique and lasting impression should not be underestimated....or missed.​  Your photography session should be designed around your needs, to strike a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing your best to shine so that it can be captured through the lens of the photographer.  

The Process

The first step to a fun, relaxed and successful photography session is to select a photographer best suited to your personality.  I strive to get on the phone with prospective clients as soon as possible for an initial conversation to get a clear understanding of their goals and expectations, comfort in front of the camera, and the end use of their photographic images.  Once everyone feels there is a strong match, schedule your photo shoot.  

I’m blessed with a less-than-traditional life, so I typically shoot mornings and evenings, because that's when the  light is best. Studio sessions can be scheduled any time, weekday and weekends.  For head shot and portrait sessions, a $50 deposit is required at booking to secure your session.

What to Wear

Simple, comfortable and classic clothes that fit you well are the best choice.  Wear clothes that you feel good in - it will show in your photos.

You are welcome to bring several pressed or steamed, solid neutral colored tops of varying necklines, fabrics and textures. We can decide what works best together, if you’re not sure.  Nothing too busy or too trendy.  These are photos of you, and while your outfit needs to complement you - your clothes should be the least interesting thing about you.

Make Up

Men - Make up is generally not needed.  If you have powder, that’s good to have on hand.  We will discuss this during your consultation to address any questions or concerns you may have about looking your best.

Women - Simple, neutral, non-shimmer, every day make up is ideal.  Lips should be matte, as gloss just shows up as distracting light reflection.  I’m happy to provide guidance on photo-ready base and powder options, but your makeup needs to look light, fresh and natural.  When a makeup artist is desired, or required, we’ll be sure to have everything in place to ensure that you look your best for your photos.


Most photography sessions will be outdoors. The light and palette provided by nature are hard to match indoors.  That said, I do operate a full service studio, and I have a portable studio with backdrops and lights. Ultimately, indoors or outdoors, the choice is always the client’s.  I shoot at remote locations, such as offices, parks and urban settings, on a weekly basis.

Now What?

Get a good night’s sleep the night before and give yourself plenty of time to get to your session.  Listen to “your” music on the drive, try to avoid annoyances and distractions, stay off the phone if possible and get ready to relax and give me your best.  I’ll take care of the rest.

​Call 770-789-5742 or email kat@katpalma.com now to learn more and book your session.

​Custom Photography

​                                               by Kat

Beating the Heat - August 29, 2018

After a couple of days of reprieve over the weekend, summer returned to the Bluegrass with a vengeance this week. While morning temperatures were manageable, the mercury soared in the evening hours. Regardless of the weather, both clients and photographer have reason to persevere.

An Anniversary Photo Shoot

Raj and Chandana were married last year in a civil ceremony at the courthouse in downtown Lexington. They did not have professional photographs taken at the wedding, and wanted to have a fun and memorable experience on their first anniversary. Challenges were presented as the couple were limited to a Monday evening photo session, with unrelenting heat.

Location, Location, Location

Finding a spot in Lexington to provide a lush, outdoor backdrop that shielded everyone from the most extreme aspect of the elements was not a problem. The green spaces within the city limits are numerous, and based on the "aspirational" images shared by the couple, I was able to recommend Veterans Park, just off Tates Creek Road.

Choosing a location with an ample footprint ensured that, regardless of other events going on, my photography subjects were able to enjoy a seemingly "private" session - not having to wait for other park visitors to move through my shot. Veterans Park accomplished that, as well as providing ample parking, ease of access to various photo settings, and public restrooms - should outfit changes have been desired. 

Timing is Everything

In summer months, my preference is to shoot in the morning hours. Early light is stunning, and temperatures are generally more tolerable. But when these clients needed to have their session in the evening, I first informed them of the conditions, and then we formed a plan.

While the couple desired some images that required us to be out in "full-sun", we started under the shaded canopy of trees, just a few steps from the paved path adjacent to the parking lot. They were dressed in semi-formal attire and looked fabulous. A gentleman in a suit and his lady in a full length gown are going to overheat if not treated properly, so finding a variety of locations and poses without requiring them to move around a lot was key. Fortunately, I'm skilled in this as I've sweated through my clothes on numerous occasions.

Leave the Car Running, Dear.

Due to our proximity to our cars parked nearby, and the relative seclusion of our photo shoot amidst the vast green space, we felt comfortable leaving cars running with A/C blasting, and taking frequent breaks when we felt we were melting, to regain our composure and keep hair from wilting and makeup from sliding to the ground.

Overall, having fun and focusing on the end result helped everyone to power through the temporary discomfort provided by the 93' heat. I applaud this beautiful couple for their grace when faced with the elements. I'm certain that they will be overjoyed with the resulting images. 

Beautiful couple. Stunning images.